The Best Wood Duck Call in 2022 [A Detailed Overview]

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If there is a tradition that has been honored all over for centuries, it is the hunting of ducks. It is something that has been passed down from generation to generation. The best thing is that each new hunter always learns from the elders and then pick up new tricks from time as they practice.

best wood duck calls in 2019
Duck hunting
has lots of gear in the market, and that makes it a bit hard to make a choice. With us here, we have brought you the best wood duck calls that you can get in the market. If you get to master duck calls pretty well, you will use the items to their maximum to get the best of ducks to you. Wood ducks are among the best.

Editor’s Picks | Top 5 Best Wood Duck Calls

1. DUCK COMMANDER Wood Duck Call

 Wood Duck CallYou might be looking for a single reed duck call that is great for flying and sitting sounds. This is one product that has been made to work best for you. It is a product that has been made with high impact plastic.

The item that is here has been made to produce the most realistic duck sounds that you can ever get in the market. It is believed that when you use it, it will have your spiting feathers. It has been made with a single-reed construction that makes it easy to blow.

The significant thing here is that using it is secure. You don’t have to be taught by an expert for long on its usage, in fact, with even YouTube videos, you will learn it quicker. It is a product that has been made to perform better 8n the field when you compare it with others.

  • Designed with three sound levels
  • It’s easy to use
  • It is a durable item
  • Calls produced are lifelike
  • Blowing it is easy
  • The consistency if the sound is not easy


2. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

best Duck CallComing into the reality that this is not a duck, but you can use it to produce duck sound, you need to give manufacturers the respect that they prefer. The company that has been the one making single reed duck call that has been existed for over 40 years. They have that experience and expertise in making the best duck calls ever. They have been in the industry for just one goal, making the best item that will sound like a duck.

When you use it, you will get a call that will make a pure sound like a hen mallard. The designed that it has been given is one of a kind. It can provide a piercing sound when you are going to blow it. The go thing is that it will call ducks from far and wide, those that are near will waste no time but respond to the call. You will only be impressed by how this item works. Use it well, and it will be part of you.

  • It is an accessible blowing item
  • Produces a soft tone that will last
  • High-end properties for a quite blow
  • Has a volume like that of a mallard
  • It’s a high grade made item
  • Shallow sound and freezes constantly


3. Echo Calls Meat Hanger Duck Call

Echo Duck CallThis is a double reed duck call and is rated as the newest version of the item in the market. It is an easy to use item that has that perfect sound of a duck. You can use it to call ducks that are in the medium range. When the ducks get to hear that call, you are sure that they will respond immediately. It can also work for those that are in the close-up range.

The item here is one of the simplest that you can get in the market to use. For beginners and seasoned hunters, they are going to find this item a must-have. You don’t have to blow it hard, exhale it slowly and smoothly, and the sound that will come will be most excellent.

  • It a call that sounds great
  • Using it is also an easy thing
  • Used either in the fields or woods
  • The double reed makes it great
  • Used by either beginners or professionals
  • It frequently sticks while using it


4. Faulk’s Professional Duck Call

 Professional Duck CallSometimes you need to be an extraordinary person. One thing in the industry that you can use has a custom wood duck calls. This is one extra-large item that has been made to have a substantial feel.

To make it also unique, rare wood has been used to give it have that perfect look. It has a polished finish look that will accomplish its beauty. The perfect tone with a lasting beauty does not only make you feel good but will make sure that the ducks and mallards that you call respond to your call.

  • It has been made to have a perfect tone
  • The beauty that it has makes it unique
  • It’s a professional duck call
  • The extra-large look completes its shape
  • Rare wood has been used to make it
  • Frequent cleaning will affect the sound


5. DUCK COMMANDER Camo Max Duck Call

DUCK Max Duck CallYes, machines always make useful items that are tuned well. But when the hand does its work, then the tune becomes finer. That is why this item has been branded the name ‘commander’ because it rules. This is the most versatile item that has ever been created. It has been tuned with a hen mallard sound that is precise and up to a point.

You can decide to either blow it in a flexible manner or a loud manner. It will work like no other. The lanyard groove that has been designed in it makes it have that perfect look on it. You have a wide range of calling decisions to make.

That is, you can do hall calling, do a free call, a quick call, get to do a comeback call to get ducks back. The list is just endless. The good thing is that you can do it all. To make it last longer, you will realize that it has also made with a high impact- plastic that is unique. It gives the item more properties than other items that you have come across.

  • Given a pattern that keeps it hidden
  • Used as a close in-call
  • It’s durable and also long-lasting
  • The price is affordable
  • Built to be handled by hardcore hunters
  • It is a bit harder to use compared to others


How To Choose the best wood duck calls

You need to consider the following as you get to purchase your duck calls.


Depending on where your hunting will be placed, it is always good that you consider the distance. Some places will need calls that can carry, like lakes and rivers. Other places like ponds, potholes, among others, will require you to use softer mellow calls. Also, remember that wood ducks are a bit different when you compare them with waterfowl ducks. This is because they keep to themselves. Always keep the behaviors of wood ducks in mind.


This is a difference between volume and distance. Some tones will carry further than others. Wood ducks are also a bit different from others, and the sound that is made to mimic them should be made well. These items are also made to provide you with a range of sounds so that you have more versatility. Wood ducks work differently too, and they need a softer volume to appease or call them.


This is one of the things that will affect the quality of the call produced by these tools. But remember that unlike others, wooden calls are rated the hardest to take care of. This is because they are affected by moisture and they could be taken apart and dried well after every hung. Otherwise, if you find one that is closed, it might not be the best one for you.

IV.Personal test

Don’t just buy a call like that, out it through a test and if it passes, then you are sure that it is going to work. The rattling of dear and this calling of ducks is much like the same process. Don’t buy anything that you are not sure of. If you feel or even think that it not sounding realistic, it better for you not to buy it. Buy one that has the right sound and practice with it to make better calling sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1.Who makes the best wood duck call?

Ans. Various companies make wood duck calls, and sometimes it becomes hard to make that unique selection. But what you have been given here is a selection of all the best items that you can get in the market.

2.Can you call wood ducks?

Ans. Wood ducks can be called. It is possible, but you need to get the best tool that you will use to call them. This is because they are susceptible to calls.

3.What are the different types of duck calls?

Ans. Ducks have different calls, that is we have the basic quack, the feed call, greeting call, comeback call, hail call, pleading call, lonesome call, and the whistling call.

4.What is better single reed or double reed duck calls?

Ans. With single-reed calls, you will experience more range and are considered to be more versatile as compared to the double reed calls. The only problem that they will suffer from is that they are hard to master. Double reeds also have that sweet spot that will give a realistic duck sound.

5.What is the best duck call for beginners?

Ans. The best duck call will depend on the user, and if it has worked well. When you are buying and making selections, you need to get one that will be able to call wood ducks pretty well.

6.How does a duck call work?

Ans. Air is forced out through a mouthpiece as it goes across a reed that will vibrate to produce that duck sound.


If you think wood ducks are just going to come quickly as you may think, then you will find it a hard process for you. Remember that as the season starts, they are a bit hard to come by. That is why you are advised to make sure of the best wood duck calls pretty well.

That means that your chances of catching or netting one bird will be a more natural process to accomplish. The above tools have been made for you, buy one and make the best catch of the season.

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