Best Hog Hunting Light In 2022 【Ultimate Buying Guide】

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Hunting at night can be lots of fun as well a great challenge, especially when you come with the right equipment and gear. Finding the best hog hunting light is not a difficult task nowadays.

Hog hunting light is a beneficial element when hunting at night. There are several types of LED hunting flashlights available on the market – some are great, some are not so great.

best hog hunting lights
With many options available in the market, it might be a little bit hard to find the right hunting light for your requirements. That’s why we have looked through various types of hunting lights, and we have narrowed the options to 5 most popular and best-rated products available in the market of different categories.

Editor’s Top Pick| Top 5 Best Hog Hunting Lights Reviews

Here you can find five best hog hunting lights for 2021. This review will help you to decide in a few minutes! Have a look …

1.Nitecore P30 Rechargeable Hunting Light

Rechargeable Hunting LightThe first one that comes to our list is Nitecore P30 Rechargeable Hunting Light.

If you are looking for the best hunting light source in the dark, Nitecore P30 can give you the best solution in that case. This product won’t only support a variety of accessories, but also it comes with so many useful features.

Excellent Brightness: The Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens is a compact, long-throwing hunting light. This P30 Equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, also, this Nitecore light can throw a beam that reaches up to 2027 Feet.

Very simple to use: Dual switch interface of this excellent product produces you to precise control of the operation. Power the light on and off with the tail cap is so easy.

Long-range visibility: This item is optimized for long-term visibility; the P30 hunting light comes with a throw of 676 yards enabling you to see a fantastic distance.

Heavy Duty Nitecore Construction: The Nitecore P30 is crafted from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, allowing it to handle drops as far as five feet without damage. The solid-state LED technology is shockproof, and the entire light is gasket sealed, making it IPX-8 Waterproof.

Long-Lasting Runtime: The P30 kit comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger, letting it reach a maximum of 680-hours on a single charge.

Features at a glance:

  • Delivers a super bright 1000 lumen beam
  • Comes with 5 brightness outputs : Turbo: 1000 lumens / 1 h ,High: 400 lumens / 3 hr ,Medium: 220 lumens / 5 h ,Low: 70 lumens / 17 h, Lower: 1 lumens / 680 h
  • Delivers a beam up to 675 yards
  • Battery Range: 2x CR123/RCR123
  • Dimensions come with 5.57 in
  • Weight is 5.83oz
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Titanium plated take cut
  • Electric turn around extremity security
  • HAIII hard anodizing
  • Long-Lasting Runtime
  • The tint is a little cool

Overall, The Nitecore P30 hunting light is the perfect pick for hunting, hiking as well for everyday use. Without making any doubt in hog hunting lights, this is one of the best hog hunting lights nowadays.


2. Orion H30 Predator Rechargeable Hunting Light

 Best Rechargeable Hunting LightThe 2nd one in our list is Orion H30 Predator Rechargeable Hunting Light. Orion H30 hunting light is one of best long-range hunting light that can provide you night hunting very effective and fun.

Super Bright Hunting Light: The H30 Predator Rechargeable Hunting Light gives hunters a choice between a pure green or red light with no loss of brightness from filtering. Each light of this item is equipped with a CREE XP E2 color LED as well it can emit up to 300-lumens of light.

Designed for Long Range Hunting: The H30 hunting light is an ideal choice for long-range hunting with 273 yards throw. You will be able to scan for your next target area while keeping your distance.

Built to be Indestructible:  The H30 hunting light is IPX 8 rated for water resistance as well it can withstand utmost heat and cold temperatures. The matte body of this product is constructed from aluminum, and it is fall resistant up to 30-yards.

Easy to carry: The H30 Predator is compact, and it can be carried around very easily, and anybody can use whenever the need arises. This item is simple to use indeed.

Highly Durable and Rugged Construction: Another useful feature of this H30 hunting light is its best durability. The Orion H30 hunting Predator waterproof and they built this item with aviation-grade aluminum.

Features at a glance:

  • Featuring the latest Cree XP-E2 Green LED
  • Battery runtime comes with 300 lm (4h), 190 lm (5h), 50 lm (17h), 6 lm (120h)
  • Construction with aviation-grade aluminum
  • This product includes with barrel mount, rail mount, scope mount (1 inch or 30mm), Pressure Switch, Rechargeable Battery, and charger
  • Impact Proof and Waterproof, Highly durable and reliable
  • Comes with ten years warranty service
  • Sizes comes with length 6.1″, head diameter 1.43″, body diameter 1″
  • Weight is 4.76oz
  • The durable and rugged device
  • Multiple brightness settings
  • Comes with a battery and charger
  • Waterproof housing
  • Very easy to carry
  • 10 Years warranty service
  • There is no way to refocus the beam manually

Overall, this is another good option available to you if you are looking for a secure, stealthy and nearly indestructible hunting light for any of your night hog hunting needs.


3.  The Ultrafire WF-501B LED flashlight

best hunting flashlightThe number 3 in our list is Ultrafire WF-501B LED flashlight another great item if you are looking for getting the best champ.

True color Green LED: The Ultrafire WF-501B comes with a true-color green LED, which indicates you are getting more light on your target.

Aviation-grade aluminum: The Ultrafire WF-501B built with aviation-grade aluminum, so you will be able to use it for a long time, and you can knock it around, and it’ll still work fine. This Ultrafire WF-501B is O-sealed, providing plenty of water resistance to keep hunting in heavy rain.

Lighting distance: This item comes with 256 yards lighting distance as well 100 (Hundred) degree wide-angle light, assists you to detect your prey in the long-distance without disturbing them.

Maximum Brightness: The item provides 650 lumens and comes with a long service life up to 100,000 hours. It is built with 1x 18650 3.7v battery (Battery are not included). It is only two modes are “on” and “off.” This is very simple to use and no need to maintain any brightness settings.

Features at a glance:

  • Single-mode best green light for hog hunting
  • Provide a 100-degree wide-angle light with 256 yard light distance
  • It features 3 PCS the latest Cree XP-E2 Green LED
  • Features with Aviation grade aluminum with matte anodized resistant
  • Product Dimensions comes with 6.2 x 1 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight refers to 6.6 ounces
  • Built with rugged materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple to use
  • Highly Durable and Reliable
  • One year’s warranty service
  • NO hassle 30 days Money Back Guarantee!
  • Single light mode

Overall the UltraFire is another best green light for hog hunting supplies a 256-yard beam and comes with a 100-degree wide angle green light which can be your best-hunting tools during night hunting.


4. Vastfire 350 Yard Zoomable Green Light Flashlight Set

Best Green Light Flashlight SetThe number 4 in our list is Vastfire 350 Yard Zoomable Green Light Flashlight Set. This is another useful item that you can rely on your hunting.

Excellent Focus: The VASTFIRE green light set features an adjustable and unique focus for zoom your light in or out. The single-mode of this product 1000-lumens shines like a spotlight when zoomed-out to 250 yards, as well floodlight when zoomed in to 200-yards.

Remote switch: Predator Light Comes with Momentary coiled pressure remote switch. It won’t create any noisy sound, and it has a free lifetime warranty.

Battery Life: Varmint Light with Long-lasting battery life up to 2.5-hours which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It provides 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery (2400mah) plus attaches with an additional cylinder for using an AAA battery.

Features at a glance:

  • Hog light is Single 1 mode 1000 lumens
  • Comes with Momentary coiled pressure remote switch
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 2.5 hours
  • Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 1 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight is 9.6 ounces
  • Easy to use
  • Green flashlight
  • Long battery lasting time up
  • Best hunting gifts
  • Predator hunting light includes seven fittings.
  • Not for professionals.

Overall, in our opinion at least, we believe this is one of the best flashlights for the money as well it can give you to get pleasures while hunting.


5. WindFire green LED tactical flashlight

Best green LED tactical flashlightThe number 5 in our list is WindFire green LED tactical flashlight. The WindFire green LED flashlight is an excellent product that’s specially designed to be suitable for predator shooting.

Excellent brightness: WindFire green LED tactical flashlight comes with everything you require to set it up, and WindFire produces 350-lumens of green light to find your targets when you are hunting at night. This compact green LED flashlight is simply designed for hunters. A bright and focused Green beam of this item will help you find your target in that distance without disturbing your prey.

Good range: Anything around the 250-yard mark is good enough, and that’s precisely what you get with the WindFire green LED tactical flashlight

Pressure switch: There is a tactical pressure switch that comes with this product that can be installed from the rear. This feature is useful for increasing your range and saving your battery life.

Features at a glance:

  • The packages include with, Tactical Pressure switch, WindFire 18650 3.7V battery, Barrel Mount
  • Hunting light is Single 1 mode 350 lumens
  • Momentary on the pressure switch and On/Off push-button switch
  • Adopts efficient constant current output circuits
  • 18650 rechargeable batteries Charge
  • Provide water-resistant design
  • 250-yard range
  • One mode with 350 lumens
  • Easily mountable
  • Water-resistant design
  • Good battery life
  • A little heavy

The pressure switch can be challenging for new users (But It is not a big issue at all)

Night hunting can be fun, but we know it is difficult to find the target. Here you can own it; It can be your best hunting companion easily.


How to choose the best hog hunting light

Hunting at night is an excellent adventure, but it also appears with a list of obstacles. You should consider some issues while you want to purchase an ideal hog hunting light. Below is the consideration you should look at:

I. Length:

The length of any hunting light is associated with its weight. So the longer the hunting light you will pick up, the higher is its weight. So make sure to look for a quality hunting light that comes with proper features and has a lightweight profile.

II. Types:

This is a good consideration before you buy any best hog hunting lights. Hunting light comes in a variety of types. The most famous among them include handheld light headlamps and hog hunting light for rifle mountable lights. Have a deep look below:

  • Handheld

A handheld light comes with the greatest variety of options. They normally provide powerful light output, and they are durable than others. The price ranges of these items are cheaper than others. Make sure to buy these types of hunting lights when you have a partner with you while hunting. Partner will hold the light, and you can easily operate the hog hunting light for the rifle.

So, if you hunt alone, using your handheld light and rifle in the same period can be a difficult task.

  • Rifle Mountable

This type of hunting lights can be mounted on the top of your rifle, and you may use it with rifle scopes. These types are very popular nowadays, and this type will allow you to use both rifle and lights at the same time.

On the other hand, mountable rifle lights are generally lightweight. The battery life of these types of lights drain quickly, and you need to be recharged them very often.

  • Headlamp

A headlamp is worn out as part of a helmet-like headgear. These types of lights will assist you to illuminate the area as well as spot your targets while freeing your hands for using a hog hunting light for rifle or any other weapon.

One downside of these types of lights is the battery system drains quickly, so you need to be focused on charging carefully.

III. Construction and Body Material:

In this era, it’s effortless to find out good hunting light which is made with good material. A good construction and body materials will help your hunting lights to take more misuses than you can think.

IV. Light Color:

Nowadays, manufacturers are affording you hunting lights with quality mounts. It will assist you to easily mount lights on your hog hunting light for rifle easily. The ideal and quality of your light used has a great influence on a hunt’s success. Below the list you are awaiting for:

  • Red:

The red hunting light is more subtle than other types of colors, so it less likely to create shadows.

The disadvantage of using a red light in hunting is that the human eye does not as easily see red color. Sometimes it can be disgusting.

  • Green:

The excellent and foremost advantage of using the best green light for hog hunting light is that the human eye can easily see it, so it appears brighter as well farther reaching then red.

The problem we heard from a few customers is it will appear brighter than red to animals and may frighten them.

  • White:

White hunting light is not commonly used for hunting; simply it is too bright and does not add many benefits for hunters.

  • Blue:

Blue hunting light also as not ordinary as green and red. But Blue light will help you to find your kill after it’s run off into the woods.

V. Max Lighting Distance & Bright Adjustable:

Make sure to get a product which features with maximum lighting distance and on the other hand-adjustable brightness permits you tweak as well customize the lumens to your exact requirements.

VI. Weather Resistance:

The water-resistance feature is an excellent advantage that you can use your light to aim at your prey correctly.

VII. Battery Life and Charging:

If you purchase hunting light with enough battery life features, you can hunt and stay the jungle day long and playing several kills. Make sure to get your products which attach with good battery range.

Best Hog Hunting Lights (FAQs:)

Q: Why there is No True “One Size Fits All” Night Hunting Light?

It would be great if there is no bound on green and red and all of the hunting light types were do the same perform. But not all hunters’ purpose is the same. So we should pick any hunting lights following the above guidelines.

Q: Why Use best green light for hog hunting?

Green lights indeed suit to human’s eye easily. We naturally love to see with green colors. Green lights come with brighter then reds.

Q: Why use red light for hunting?

Red light is beneficiary to see from long distances. While you will hunt from long-range, red can be a good option.

Q: Can coyotes see hunting lights?

The standard agreement we got is to be that coyotes can normally see the red light, while green lights might tip them off easier to your presence. So, in that case, green is best without any confusion.

Q: Should my hunting light be waterproof?

Yes, of course! Losing your hunting light when night can be frustrating, if not you own a waterproofing light.

Final Verdict:

Most of the lights are suitable for all types of outdoor activities. Apart from this, we showed small guidelines that can afford you some knowledge to find out the best hog hunting lights. I hope you got your answers.

There is a debate on green and red, which is the best one?  We will vote for green at first and then Red, A green light is an excellent tool in maximum night hunting. At the same time, it will be the right choice for you if you buy a light where you will get both red and green feature.

Thanks for reading us. Also, if you love night hunting, you might consider other articles we wrote in our blog. Happy Hunting!

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