The Best Turkey Decoy Bag In 2021

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When you go turkey hunting, other than the usual hunting gear, you also need to carry turkey decoys. The decoys make turkey hunting easier as they bring the gobblers closer to a point where you can aim your shot comfortably.

turkey decoy carry bag
However, some turkey hunters have challenges carrying turkey decoys from home to the field as they are somehow bulky. This is because a turkey decoy is set up by filling it with air; if you have more than one, transportation becomes a problem.

This problem can be solved by purchasing a turkey decoy bag that will accommodate the decoys, even when full of air. We are going to look at the best turkey decoy bag in 2021 to help you transport your decoys conveniently.

Why do I need a turkey decoy bag?

You need a turkey decoy bag to carry your decoys to the hunting field conveniently. You also need the bag to store the decoys when the hunting season is over. Instead of storing it just anywhere, put it inside the decoy bag and relax while you await the next hunting season.

Benefits of Turkey Decoy Bags

Turkey decoy bags enable easy transportation of decoys to the fields. Turkey decoys enable you to fill your decoys at home as they will fit in the decoy bags even when inflated.

The second benefit of turkey decoy bags is seen after the hunting season is over. You need to store the decoys safely to avoid them from getting punctures and being damaged by other elements. When you keep them in the decoy bag, you will be assured that nothing will get to them as they will be safely tucked in.

Editor’s Top Pick | Top 5 Best Turkey Decoy Bags

The following are some turkey decoy bags you can use in your next hunting session.

1. DecoyPro Turkey Decoy Bag

Turkey Decoy BagThis product comes as two bags made of mesh material at a very affordable cost. They have straps that allow you to carry them by the shoulders, leaving your hands free to carry other hunting gear and guns.

This saves you from going back and forth to your truck to get your decoys if you have several of them. The bag also has a closure tab to keep your decoys safely locked inside, thus preventing loss of the decoys while in transit as they cannot fall off.

They can accommodate up to 6 turkey decoys; this is, however, determined by the decoy size and style. Also, you can fold the bags when they are empty and conceal them inside your blind as they have a sleek design.

Their color blends with the surroundings; this will keep you amply covered from the turkey as they will not spot you. Lastly, the mesh fabric enables the hunter to quickly locate the decoy he wants to use without having to pour out everything.

  • Sold as two bags
  • Inexpensive
  • Can hold several turkey decoys
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Have a closure tab
  • Have no side pouches


2. Redneck Convent Turkey Decoy Bag

turkey decoy carry bagThis bag is a multipurpose bag that can accommodate goose, duck, and turkey decoys. It has a large capacity that can hold six turkey decoys. They have two shoulder straps that are reinforced with nylon to enable easy and comfortable transportation of the decoys.

You can also use the straps as hand handles when you need to. Carrying the bag on your shoulders limits the number of times you go to your vehicle as you carry the decoys in one go.

The breathable mesh enables the hunter to quickly locate you need without having to pour out everything as you would do with a fabric decoy bag. It has a green color that keeps it out of sight from turkeys. Also, it is foldable when not in use and can be concealed inside a blind.

The bag also has a closure tab to keep your decoys safe and prevent spillage when in transit to the field. Apart from hunting decoys, the bag can also carry sports balls, camping supplies, or swimming gear.

  • Made from mesh material
  • Shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Has a closure tab
  • Multipurpose bag
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Could do with side pockets


3. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Decoy Bag

Best Turkey Decoy BagWhen you have this turkey decoy bag, you can carry three life-sized turkey decoys. The bag has shoulder straps for easy carrying leaving your hands free to bring other things. It also has a quick-cinch strap to secure the decoys when you are in transit; it prevents spillage of the decoys without your knowledge.

When you carry the decoys while inflated, it saves you time as you only need to place the decoys where you want them once you reach the hunting field. It also comes with a deployable orange flag to ensure your safety while out in the area.

  • Can accommodate three life-sized turkey decoys.
  • Has shoulder straps for easy carrying.
  • Has a quick-cinch strap to secure the decoys.
  • Straps are made of nylon.
  • Has a deployable orange flag for safety.
  • The bag is too loud.
  • Straightforward


How to Choose the Turkey Decoy Bag

There are a few things you should consider when buying a turkey decoy bag.

I. Material

The material used to make the bag should be of high quality as it should ensure rough conditions in the field. It should not be loud when brushed against bushes and shrubs, as this will attract attention.

II. Capacity

The decoy bag should hold as many decoys as possible. This saves the hunter from going back and forth to the vehicle to get the decoys. They carry the decoys as one package hence ensuring convenience.

III. Type of Decoys

When you are buying a decoy bag, it means you already have the decoys. Buy a decoy bag that will accommodate your turkey decoys comfortably. This will prevent loss of the decoys when in transit.

IV. Shoulder Straps

A decoy bag that has shoulder straps will allow you to carry the bag on your back. This will leave your hands free to do other things like hold a trekking pole for balance. It also leaves the hand open to carry your shotgun.

V. Closure Tab

A closure tab ensures that the decoys are safely locked inside the bag. The reason for this is because; it is easy to lose the decoy when you are navigating different terrain on your way to the hunting field.

VI. Color of the Bag

The color of the bag should blend in with the surroundings to conceal your presence in the field; you need to avoid being detected by your prey. This is because turkeys have excellent eyesight and can spot strangers from afar.

VII. Ease of Storage

You should be able to fold the bag with ease after you have emptied it. By doing this, you will keep the bag out of the way and hunt without distractions.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Which is the best turkey decoy bag?

Some of the best turkey decoy bags are Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Decoy Bag, DecoyPro Turkey Decoy Bag, and Redneck Convent Turkey Decoy Bag.

How many turkey decoys should a decoy bag carry?

A good decoy bag should accommodate at least six average size decoys or three full-size decoys.


In summary, a turkey decoy bag is an essential accessory that a hunter needs to have. It ensures easy carrying of your turkey decoys safely and conveniently. Those that have shoulder straps are the best as they allow you to carry the bag on your bag, leaving the hands free to carry other essential items.

Buy a turkey decoy bag that blends in with the surroundings to conceal your presence in the fields. The bag should also be noise-free and scent-free as these two elements can give out your location to your prey. Try out one of the decoy bags reviewed in this article and enjoy your hunting.

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