How Do You Store Your Nightstand Gun

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Sometimes the nightstand gun you put beside your bed can be a stress generator instead of the savior, especially when you want to sleep and don’t know where to store the gun. Most of the peoples prefer to put the gun on a nightstand. But it is not a suitable or safe place to store a weapon, as anyone can easily notice it at first glance after entering the room. So, how do you store your nightstand gun?

In our today’s article, we will let you suggest some of the best places where you can store a nightstand gun for safety and easier access.

Some Unique Place to Store Your Nightstand Gun

We have done our research to find the best places to store the nightstand gun. Fortunately, we find a good number of locations where you can put the gun safe to sleep peacefully. Check them out from below:

Quick Access Safe

A quick-access safe can be the best choice for you to store the nightstand gun. If you are worried about safety, then go for a wall-mounted gun safe and attach it beside your bed. Make sure that you are selecting one of the best nightstand gun safe that arrives with a quick access feature. Gun safes are one of the most reliable ways of securing the gun in any condition. The pistol box can be an alternative of the gun safe, but as it is movable, we are not recommending it.

Hidden Drawer

The hidden drawers can be another excellent way to store your nightstand gun if the best bedside gun safes are expensive for you. The idea of a hidden drawer is to protect your valuable goods from the intruders. Typically, the drawer will not be visible to anyone but you. If you are thinking about implementing this idea, then you should get help from the experienced woodworker. Typically, the exterior of the hidden drawer will make it invisible so that no one can easily notice it.

Bedside Holsters

If you are not worried about hiding the gun from the others, then the bedside holsters can be a great companion for you to store the weapon. The tool can be attached to one side of the bed. One of the notable things about the option is it allows you quickly access the gun within the shortest time. As the gun will be protected in the holster, there are no chances of inattentive contact to the trigger. While the bedside holsters can be pretty flexible, attaching it with the bed can be an issue.


If you have a metal bad or headboard, then the magnet can be a good option for you. You can use a magnet to stick the gun with the metal of your bed. Though you can use any magnets, we will suggest you go for quality and robust magnet to avoid any chance of falls. There are also some professionally designed magnets available that you can use for a better result.

Sock Drawer

Storing the gun in the sock drawer may seem a nasty idea, but it can be beneficial. The most significant benefit of putting the arm in the sock drawer is the gun will be out the sight of peoples as no one will ever guess that the weapon will be there. More so, the firearm will be easy to access as you will know the location. The method is also much cost saving as don’t require any extra equipment. One issue about the technique is it can be a little hassle to find the gun amongst the socks.

Under the Bed

If the ways, as mentioned above, are not implementable for you, then you can simply put it under the bed. You can easily access the gun whenever needed for emergency response. Make sure to lock the gun before placing it. If you have little kids in the home, then the way may not be suitable for you as the kid may find it. In such situations, you can use a pistol box while storing the gun under the bed. It will also save the firearm from dust and residues.

Bedside Biometrics

Bedsides biometrics is like the bedside holsters, but more safe and secured. As you can lock the gun in the biometrics using the fingerprint lock, no one will be able to unlock it quickly. More so, the biometrics locks are also effortless and faster to access as you don’t need to type a pin or password. There is a good number of biometrics available in the markets that are designed to keep inside your bed. If you can feel comfortable, you can even hide them under the pillow as the size is minimal.


If you have a nightstand beside your bed, then you can also employ it for storing the gun safely. However, keeping a gun on the nightstand can be risky. Instead, you can use a drawer of the nightstand for this process.It will be better if you key-lock the drawer and then hide the key under your pillow. By doing so, you can be sufficiently ensured about the security. This method will not require buying anything like a holster or safe. Make sure to place the nightstand within your arms reach.

Precaution: In such situations, the above-recommended ways of storing a nightstand gun may not be practical. So, use your common sense before using the techniques to be sure that they are suitablebased on your environment. Make sure to recheck that you have locked the gun before storing it. Avoid storing the weapon from the eyesight and access of unauthorized persons at any condition.

Handguns don’t require a lot of space. As a result, they can be easily stored as you want by maintaining the safety precautions. In the above, we discussed some of the best ways of storing your nightstand guns securely. We hope that you will find the correct place for storing your nightstand firearm safely. It doesn’t matter whether you store the weapon from the above choices, perform adequate practices of the way of accessing the gun to be smooth.

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