The Best Motion Duck Decoy On The Market In 2022

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In your day to day endeavors, you might have come across the mirror-like water son some days that are calm and also still. That place is what makes it best for neat pictures. But at the same time, it is never going to be pleasant for the duck hunters.

Best Motion Duck Decoy

When you sit and gaze at a group of ducks on the water, you will always notice some movement that means that even a splash for rain or even the flutter of a wing. That is where decoys come into. A little breeze is going to be the best as they are going to create a ripple on the water. That is why we have come with the best motion duck decoys for you.

Editor’s Top Pick| Top 5 Best Motion Duck Decoy On The Market

1. MOJO Outdoors Green Wing Teal Motion Duck Decoy

Green Wing Teal Motion Duck DecoyWhen you look at this item, you can bear me witness that it is something that has a new concept. But this is what has made it to be loved by the novice and also the professionals at large. It can get along with many things. That is why it can even attract many other types of species. That ranges from the mallards, pintails, gadwall, divers and even teals.

It has been made with a design that is high and also realistic. This design ensures the high-speed wings look phenomenon. It has made with a 3-piece pole that will be critical for support. It also has a patent MOGO direct drive system that ensures it flies like the bird itself. If you have 4 AAA batteries, the item can live up to 16 hours of operation.

  • light and compact
  • Its design is realistic
  • Support has been included
  • Versatile design makes it attractive
  • Design is also user-friendly
  • The wings are not that impressive


2. Avian-X Top Flight Preener/Rester Mallard Duck Hunting Decoys

Duck Hunting DecoysIf you are that person that is looking for a bargain, this motion duck decoys then becomes suitable for you. It has been made with a pack of 6, that means that you will get three hens and three drakes too. The smart and also the innovative design always cause them to have that posture of relaxation from time to time. That means that it is going to put the other ducks that are close by at ease as she attracts them close too.

The posture that this water motion duck decoy has been given will make it look like it is sleeping, preening, or even resting. When the manufacturers decide to create the motion duck decoys, I have to assure you that every single design that is brought is every thought of. What makes them good is the fact that they are super magnum and they are made with.

  • Realistic design
  • Used in lakes or high flowing of water
  • It’s light and also portable
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • A range of species included
  • Can be filled with debris and become dirty


3. Greenhead Gear Over-Size Duck Decoy, Mallard Butt-Up Feeders, Pair

 Over-Size Duck DecoysWhy this item has survived than others is that it has been made with a weighted design that is fixed, thus even when you through it in water, it will just survive. It has been made with a massive center of gravity that will always keep it upright even when the winds blow.

This is what has kept it surviving for a longer time than others. It has been made with small details, and that is what gives it its realistic design. That paint and natural carvings make it has that look that it is part of the environment.

  • Can be used even in waters
  • Has the best Center of gravity
  • Its design allows a safe landing
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • The plastic used isn’t durable.


4. Ducks Nuts Decoys Flapping Splasher Motion Mallard Decoy

Flapping Splasher Motion Mallard DecoyFor those that are looking to have a stable and safe type of model, this splashing duck decoy is a useful item made for people like you — made with a stable 4-arm base that can be used in any depth of water. What I know about it and we have researched on it is that it is a unique one. It can even be controlled by the use of a remote even from 50m away.

The design allows you to adjust the landing of the duck or even flapping its wings. The flaps can open up, but the good news is that you can go ahead and fold them. When measured, it has 9.8″ x 9.8″ x 17.7″ with a weight of just 8 pounds. Take it wherever you go ad it will be something to look out for and use.

  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • The wings are flexible
  • Has been installed with a timer
  • Recharge the battery every 6 hours
  • controlled from 50M away
  • It is large and bulky


5. MOJO Outdoors Gadwall Decoy

Outdoors Gadwall DecoyIt has been made to get you served your entire hunting period. With just 6 AA batteries, the moving duck decoys can operate for up to 16 hours of use. The smart flawless design is also what makes them have that unique feeling and look. Remember that it can reach high speeds too, something others have found it hard to get.

A magnet has connected the wings. That means that you don’t have to use any tools to join them. It has been made with a MOJO direct design drive system that ensures it works and operates quietly. At the same time, it is a user-friendly design item.

  • Unique wingspan provides high speed
  • Batteries will survive longer
  • Wings attached by a magnet
  • Can be used by beginners
  • It is light and also compact
  • They might run into errors.


How to choose the best motion duck decoys

I. Size

It automatic relegates to the visibility of a duck decoy. No one will never want to have one that does not stand out. That means that the bulkier you get it to be, the more likely for it to stand out. But at the same time, the fat it is, the more difficult it is for you to transport it along. Always make a selection of the standard ones. They are not that heavy and will still work well in almost all types of water.

II. Which is best, solid duck decoy or the water keel one

The significant difference that arises between the two is that the solid keel is sealed with weight being on the inside. On the other hand, water keels are termed to be hollow. Now it will depend on the choice that you need to have. Some will find solid keels much more comfortable because when they are tossed in the water, they will roll upright and will not require you to adjust them manually. For water keels, you will need to set them up well in water to allow them, to be filled with water.

III. Material used

Majority of the products that you will get in the market are made of plastic that is thermoplastic resin with a hollow feeling in the inside. That is why they are light and also durable enough to stay for years. It also propels it well on the water even when there is no wind.

IV. Battery life.

This is one feature that you also need to consider. How long does the battery life go with this item? Is it rechargeable? Along with others. This will help you to be aware of how to operate it for those that don’t have to use batteries well and good.

V. Open wings or closed wings

An excellent consideration to look at, but it again comes to your taste. Each of them is good depending on how they have been made and their level of Center of gravity. Those that have closed wings tend to have a better center of gravity than the other. So making a choice there will also rely on the water you are going to use it on.


What are the best duck decoys?

Ans. It is hard to get the best duck decoys, but what we have done here is ensuring that you get the best selection that is out there in the market. You can either choose from the ones that have closed wings or open wings.

How do you get ducks to land in your decoys?

Ans. After you have placed them on water and they have balanced, let them move around and attract the others. Once the other has been drawn, they will then draw the other birds who will try to swim towards where they are.

Will geese come to duck decoys?

Ans. It’s a tricky situation to deal with, now, goose decoys will draw ducks to them, but the opposite is sometimes hard to happen, that is, geese will rarely come to where duck decoys are.

How many decoys does a mallard need?

Ans. Just have at least three decoys. That will give the mallard that feels of getting a group of mallards, and it will move in pretty quickly.

Do wood duck decoys work?

Ans. Yes, the wood duck decoys work pretty well. What you need to do is to have one that has been designed with the right balance of Center of gravity, and all shall work well.


Duck decoys are timer-based, some are controlled by remote, others have a long-lasting battery and much more. Hunter will be out there looking for luck in the late season. That’s is after many of the ducks seem to catch on. Those that have these duck decoys will always be ahead of others, that is they will be having the time of their life in attracting more ducks for their easy catch. That’s why this educational collection about the best motion duck decoys will be of great help.

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